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Celebrate The Small Wins

Progress Is Not Always Linear

If you are like most people, you expect to add more weight week after week in your training program. However, you may be missing a lot more “smaller wins” that you are not taking into consideration, and you should.

Let’s set the stage…

Your coach sent you your online program, and it says you have 4 sets of 8 reps on barbell back squat today. You complete the 4 sets, but it was very difficult to add more weight from last week. You feel a little discouraged because in your mind, you should be lifting more weight every week right? Well, not always. Here are some things you should be celebrating more of when the amount of weight you are moving stays the same.


  • Your coach prescribed less rest in between sets, yet you were still able to put up the same amount of weight from last session. This gets very difficult and is a huge compliment to you when you are able to sustain the same amount of work with less rest. WIN!


  • You added more sets and volume within the same training session that you did not do prior. More volume. More mechanical stress. Same quality. WIN!


  • You added one more session or added more activity throughout the entire week and yet still moved the same amount of weight from the previous “squat day.” WIN!


  • You added more time under tension or tempos within the actual movement itself. IE: Holding for one second longer at the bottom of the movement and still moved the same amount of weight from the previous week. WIN!


  • Your conditioning is improving all while maintaining strength. Without proper programming and nutrition, some people will tend to see an increase in their conditioning yet lose some strength adaptations. If you are improving one while maintaining the other, this is a WIN!


  • You are in a caloric deficit and still maintaining strength levels. WIN!


  • You are still consistently training and enjoying it. WIN!


  • You are looking better in less clothes. WIN!


  • You are more confident in who you really are. This is HUGE. WIN!


  • You are getting better quality of rest. Instead of 5-6 hours per night, you are getting at least 7. (Shoot for 8-9) WIN!


  • You feel more hydrated than before. Your urine remains a pretty yellow color. WIN!


  • You are not injured. Believe it or not, this may be the biggest win of it all. WIN!


With this list, I would hope you would consider some of these smaller wins in fact, big wins. Consistency and discipline are key. Do not make the mistake of getting in your own way. Our mind can sometimes make us believe that there is only one piece of criteria for progress and success in the weight room or gym, but there are other factors.

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Jared Saavedra

Founder, Athlete Ready Global

[email protected]

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