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The First Way To Add Online Training

The First Ways To Add Online Training!

I will tell people until the “cows come home” that online training was the BEST thing I have ever implemented into my business because it was. When coaches reach out to me and tell me that they want to add remote coaching to their business model but do not currently have any online clients, they have the mindset that online training means purely online training. They believe online training means that you ONLY train people remotely but do not consider using it in other ways. This is what is wrong with us coaches sometimes, we can be very small minded especially when the answer is right “underneath our noses,” literally.

Every time I go to a gym that offers an open gym membership and I see people walking around aimlessly, with no program in front of them and completely making up their work out, I think to myself, that person should be on a program they can follow and be held accountable for it. This gym is losing an opportunity to serve these people that are ALREADY members. They are there because they believe in your service, product and culture. They may not be able to afford personal training, or maybe their schedule does not align with any coaches, but they still want guidance and a plan. There are already in your building, why not go to them first?

With that being said, the first way to add online training is a subscription base for all the members at your gym who train during open gym hours. This would be in the form an extra fee or preferably a built-in package to what you already offer. Instead of just access to your gym, they also have access to a small part of your expertise with your programming. Again, they may not be able to afford a trainer, but they can afford a program (custom or template) that they will do every time they walk into your doors. This will speak volumes about your program. You will know what they will be training on those specific days and you will understand the program’s objectives, even if it is very general. You will be able to see their movements from a distance, maybe give them feedback at some point. Who knows, they may get a taste of what real coaching is like and dive into your small group or personal training sessions. This is a great way to funnel these members into clients and add more value while expediting results.

The second way to implement online training is with the clients you are already working with in person! You know their movement quality, limitations, goals, strengths, medical history and they have already signed up, why are you not able to offer more value? I am going to take myself for example. If I hired a personal trainer or strength coach, more than likely I would be going to them 2-3x per week in person. However, what about the other days where I do not see them? Am I just going to make up my other sessions and do whatever I want? What if it does not align with my goals or what if the volume of those sessions are not being carefully monitored? You see where I am going with this. You know deep down that twice a week of training can yield benefits for most people who have a zero-training age or those that are deconditioned, but what happens when the adaptation begins to slow down. Your client will need more and you know that.

Develop packages where you offer a set amount of in person training (we call them live sessions) and a set amount of online training days. Maybe they come to you twice per week and they have access to two days per week using an online platform either at home, your gym or anywhere that offers an open gym. That is four total sessions per week, not just two. That is 100% more training so charge accordingly. I get it, you are a bad ass coach and know that quality in person training is the best. I would agree. I, however, do not agree to the fact that if you truly are a bad ass coach, then your coaching will show when you are not around all the time. That is where learning will also be assessed. Your clients may move, travel, change schedules, you need a way to still provide a quality service, it may just look different than you originally thought.

I am a numbers guy, so let’s take a look at the actual numbers.

Situation A) Gym Owners

Imagine you had 50 members at your facility that paid a monthly membership fee of $49.99. Why would you not create a program that they can log and follow daily, for an extra $50-$75 per month (4-5 work outs per week, that is a steal!) I am also being very conservative with numbers, you could charge way more. So for $99-$125, they would get a membership AND program, while you create one solid program for the entire facility. If they want custom, charge accordingly. You know what equipment you have available; you will know what most people use during those open gym hours so that you can be very adaptable in your programming. This is a win-win situation for you and your members/clients.

Situation B) The Strength Coach, Personal Trainer or Gym Owner

Imagine you had 12 in person clients and all of them come to you at $50 per session two times per week. ($400 per month) If you were to offer two online sessions per week at %50 of the normal hourly rate, you would increase your business by %33. ($600 per month with twice the training sessions) but not twice of your time. Again, your client would be receiving more value.

These are broken down fairly simply and is not a fairy tale. It is very possible. Every gym should have access to an online platform and realistic strategies to implement to add value to their community. Again, instead of worrying so much about people who do not know, love and trust you YET, offer more with the ones who do.

If you read this article and feel like there is something missing in your offerings and packages and have been curious about online training, please do not hesitate to reach out or check us out at for more information on how we can help you save more time, coach more and create more freedom!

Jared Saavedra MS, CSCS, PES, CPT
Founder, Athlete Ready Global
[email protected]

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